Raven Lolia | Nurse Writer & Journalist

I'm a freelance nurse writer, UX writer, and healthcare journalist located in Houston, Texas.

As a health-focused writer, I specialize in multiple forms of written content with topics pertaining to BIPOC health, lifestyle, mental wellness, and health tech.  

Who I Work With

Are you the editor or publisher of a healthcare periodical that relates education and news to the public?  

Would you happen to be the owner or creative director of a wellness product that needs more exposure? 

Are you compelled to educate the public on caring for their health, consistent with evidence-based practices?

Do you require someone who will write compelling copy that sells and converts?

Would you like to help readers have a clearer understanding of the latest trends in feminine and BIPOC healthcare, lifestyle, mental health, and tech?

Do you have a digital product that calls for personality and simplification through written text?

As a curious individual who loves solving problems and figuring out what makes people tick, if you responded “yes” to any of the questions above, I am a writer you'd love to collab with. 

What I Do As a Nurse Writer

Produce quality content. 

Promote sales and develop brand awareness

Utilize critical thinking skills, while engaging the target audience. 

Simplify complex medical jargon into easily digestible material for everyday readers.

Foster a sense of warmth and understanding that the public has come to expect from their nurses. 

Guide end-users during the navigation of the website and applications, ensuring a positive user experience

Ensure the written content provided is fact-checked, and evidence-based to prioritize public safety.

Provide a safe space for readers to feel comfortable, validated, and appreciated for seeking the answers to their medical questions. 

Sneak a peek at some of my work

Contact Me

My inbox is always open. Please complete the contact form here on the button below. 

Inquiries and prospective new clients can expect a response from me within 48 hours. Current clients may use the client sign-in page, and receive a response within 24 hours.